New Energy Research explores the science and performance of renewable energy technology using the tools of data science.  The website was created with three goals in mind: 

    • Increase the use and acceptance of RE technology;
    • Celebrate aspects of engineering and scientific programming that excite; and
    • Deepen commercial insight in support of revenue growth.


Renewable energy braids together multiple skills.  Key skills include atmospheric science, spatial land analysis, design engineering, electrical engineering, financial analysis, and operations management.  A simple content management system is needed to organize knowledge across the disciplines.

Meanwhile, the common denominator across these disciplines is data…lots of data.  Examples of content scope include vital market data, policy parameters, wind and solar resource data, land and environmental data, engineering codes, equipment specs, equipment performance data, and field notes.  Data, regardless of size, only offers insight or actionable intelligence when managed properly.  As a result, website site scope also includes original data research, data models, and R source code.


My daily work is to deliver reliable, low-cost renewable energy. This involves engineering efforts to design, build and operate RE power projects.  It also involves data science efforts to improve the performance of networked power systems.  I have formal training from the Colorado School of Mines and an MSc in Operations Research.  Practical experience includes:

    • Gas and power trading for real-time management of power generation; 
    • Wind flow modeling and design engineering to maximize wind energy output;
    • Production forecasting to better align solar energy and natural gas generation; and
    • Collaborative development of clean energy strategy for a national energy network.

I currently work in the New Energy Department, Corporate Strategy, Qatar Petroleum.

Bradley J. Horn
Doha, Qatar




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  1. Genevieve says:

    On behalf of Duke University, we would like to request permission for the educational re-use of one of your site’s images. Please let me know if there is a preferred email address for you to receive permission requests.

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