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Solar Data Collection in Qatar

KippZonen_Doha_pyranometers_pyrgeometerSolar data collection, as defined by ISO and WMO standards, is a relatively new activity in Qatar.    This article summarizes initiatives underway.  In nearly all cases, public access to the solar radiation data is  limited since data collection remains immature and unvalidated, or the data is strongly aligned to private commercial interests.  Notwithstanding, data collection efforts are making significant progress and are likely to benefit renewable energy strategy development and policy design at the national level.

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The Solar Constant

The solar constant represents the mean amount of total solar irradiance (TSI) at the top of the Earth’s atmosphere.  The following code downloads TSI measurements across a range of experiments and satellite data collection efforts to present a composite time series of TSI spanning the period 1976 to 2013.  The objective is to confirm the numeric value of the solar constant and to define the amount of variation in solar irradiance entering the Earth’s atmosphere.

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