Welcome to R-Programming!  Here you will find a knowledge base of things you need to know about R.  Find the topic you are interested in below.

Intro to R
R Basics
R Data Import
R Data Syntax
Data Objects
      Data Frames
R Programming
—-Creating R Functions
—- Local vs. Global Objects
—–Special Functions

R Graphics
     Structure and Devices
     High-Level Commands
     Example Plots
     Graphics Parameters
     Multi-graph Layouts
     Trellis Charts
     The Grammar of Graphics
     Building Layered Plots
     Scatter Plots (ggplot)
     Bar Graphs (ggplot)
     Line Graphs (ggplot)
     Boxplots (ggplot)
     Error Bars (ggplot)
     Facetting (ggplot)

     Titles (ggplot)
     Axes (ggplot)
     Other Geoms (ggplot)
     Multiple Plots (ggplot)
R Colors

     R Color Basics
     Grey Scales
     Heat Colors
     Color Ramp Functions
     ggplot Colors
     RColorBrewer Palettes
     Color Tables
Data Modeling
Large Data
Spatial Analysis
Web Scrapping
Faster R
R Packages
R Work Flow


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