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Solar radiation data is best obtained direct from sensors, be it ground stations, satellite observation networks, or modeled solutions that combine both.  To this end, solar data is available from various databases, modeling projects, and commercial venders….all with varying degrees of quality.


DLRlogoSolar Energy Mining (SOLEMI) is a commercial service set up by the German Aerospace Centre (DLR) to provide high-quality, modeled irradiance data. The service is mainly based on METEOSAT-data and provides hourly time series data for almost half of the Earth’s surface: the field of view of METEOSAT-7 placed at 0 longitude and additionally the field of view of METEOSAT-5 placed at 63E over the Indian Ocean are provided.
1. DLR Home Page
2. SOLEMI: Home Page

3. SOLEMI: Handout 

4. SOLEMI: Free Data Access

GeoModel Solar

logo-SolarGIS--CMYKGeoModel Solar is technical consultant, developer and operator of the commercial SolarGIS database and online system.  GeoModel Solar also provides custom solar resource assessments and mapping services, and claims to have one of the most accurate modeling approaches based on independent benchmarking. Finally, the company also provides operational assessments and real-time forecasting services for solar power systems.
1. Home Page
Data 3. Maps

HelioClim Database

SoDa_logoHelioClim is a series of databases for ground level irradiance and radiation for Europe, Africa, the Mediterranean Basin, the Atlantic Ocean and part of the Indian Ocean.  The Heliosat method converts images acquired by meteorological geostationary satellites into data and maps of solar radiation received on the ground.  There are presently three databases in the HelioClim family maintained by the Centre Energetique et Procedes of Ecole des Mines de Paris: HC-1, HC-2 and HC-3. Work is on-going on the most recent database HC-3. An improved method Heliosat-4 to process Meteosat images is under preparation.
1. Home Page
2. Database Properties
3. Data Properties
4. SoDa: Free Data
5. SoDa: Pay Site
6. FTP Direct: wget

Meteonorm Solar Data

meteonorm_logoMeteonorm is a commercial subscription service and portal for comprehensive meteorological data. Its primary role is to provides access to data for solar energy applications and system design.  In the present version, most of the data is taken from the GEBA (Global Energy Balance Archive), from the World Meteorological Organization (WMO/OMM) Climatological Normals 1961–1990.  Interpolation models inside Meteonorm support calculation of solar radiation, temperature and additional parameters at any site in the world.
1. Home Page

NASA Surface Meteorology and Solar Energy (SSE)

ASDC_logoNASA’s has sponsored a surface meteorology and solar energy project to develop the commercial potential of NASA’s cloud, radiation, and meteorology data.  The project provides daily and monthly satellite data for both global, regional and specific points of interest.  Data is obtained from the NASA Langley Research Center Atmospheric Science Data Center Surface meteorological and Solar Energy (SSE) web portal supported by the NASA LaRC POWER Project.
1. Home Page
2. Methodology Document
3. Accuracy vs BSRN

4. Daily Data
5. Monthly Data

NREL National Solar Radiation Database

NREL_logoNREL provides solar radiation data for a large number of sensor sites across the continental United States.  The modeled data was supplied by Clean Power Research under special arrangement with the National Renewable Energy Laboratory. This arrangement allows release of their satellite-modeled SolarAnywhere® data product (version 2.2) for public use as part of the National Solar Radiation Database. The SolarAnywhere® data set is produced using an updated model from the State University of New York at Albany.
1. Home Page
2. 1961-1990: Hourly Data
3. 1961-1990: TMY2 Profiles
4. 1991-2010: Hourly Data
5. 1991-2020: TMY2 Profiles
6. 1991-2010: Users Manual
7. 1991-2010: Station Metadata


PVGIS_logoPVGIS is a free database and set of solar PV energy calculators implemented by the Joint Research Centre (JRC) from the European Commission’s in-house science services. A solar radiation database from climatological data is available in the European Solar Radiation Atlas, using the r.sun model and the interpolation techniques s.vol.rst and The database consists of raster maps representing 12 monthly averages and one annual average of daily sums of GHI for horizontal and inclined surfaces.  Raster maps are also supplied for clear-sky irradiation, the Linke turbidity, and the ratio of DNI to GHI. 
1. Home Page
2. Radiation Data: 1981-1990

3. Radiation Data: 1998-2011
4. Temperature Data: 1995-2006
5. Interactive Map: Europe

6. Interactive Map: Africa/GCC

World Radiation Data Center (WRDC)

WMO_logoThe WRDC serves as a central depository for solar radiation data collected at over 1000 measurement sites throughout the world. The WRDC is sponsored by the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), and is a laboratory at the Voeikov Main Geophysical Observatory, Russian Federal Service for Hydrometeorology and Environmental Monitoring located in St.Petersburg.
1. Home Page
2. WRDC Archive Data List
3. Station Metadata
4. Data


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